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ch-ch-check yourself before you wreck yourself!

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Hosted by the FABULOUS jeweler Tracie Howarth and friends:

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I can paint!

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and make movies too!

Filmmaker's showcase:
WHEN? Saturday May 20th at 1pm
WHERE? At the University Theatre at CSU Long Beach
405 Exit 7th St.
Right at E. Campus Drive
Left into Lot 7
WHY? Cause you love me enough to sit through fourty student films.
WHAT????? Yes...fourty student films.

WHEN? Saturday May 27th (reception at 7pm)
405 N
exit Jefferson
WHY? In case you didn't get enough Caitlin time at the film festival, or think my movies really sucked, i have a chance to redeem myself at the art show!

I'm in to shameless self promotion this week.
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On May 15th, 2006 03:12 pm (UTC), iwanttobeonyou commented:
and if you stay late enough at the showcase you'll hear caitlin's having-sex-voice. i'm sure as hell excited. :)
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On May 16th, 2006 02:52 am (UTC), technic0l0rgirl replied:
what'sa matter? my butt too big?
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